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Creating Opportunities for Children to Explore Diversity and Inclusion through Sports

We talk a lot about diversity and inclusion but what are they and why are they important for our

Diversity is the representation of all our varied identities and differences collectively and as

Inclusion builds a culture of belonging by actively inviting and contributing to the contribution
and participation of all people

The Special Olympics Colorado Young Athletes program is focused on bringing together
children, ages 2-7, with and without intellectual disabilities in a fun sport and play environment.
By playing and learning sports together, children support each other and learn to recognize the
strength in their differences.

Young Athletes is available in preschools and elementary schools and as free community “Learn
to” sports events and Summer Camps. Guided by Special Olympics staff and volunteers, Young
Athletes see fully inclusive and diversity positive behavior modeled by trusted adults. These
immersive activities and environments give them tools to carry into other parts of their lives.

By embracing diversity and inclusion, Young Athletes are empowered to engage their world
with curiosity, confidence and kindness. The hands-on experience with diversity and inclusion
makes all kids better learners, allowing them to understand various subjects from multiple
points of view.

To learn more about Special Olympics Colorado’s Young Athletes program visit